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Dr. Lynne Hall is an experienced user experience practitioner and researcher. She has been involved in EU and UK projects and led the user experience aspects of eCIRCUS (FP6 EU STREP) focusing on innovative interaction and evaluation approaches. She has over 50 peer-reviewed publications, including high impact journals (e.g. IEEE Computer Graphics, Computers and Human Behavior). She has expertise in gaining EU, national and regional funding and a track record in SME engagement and KTP generation. She leads the Innovation Streams of the Sunderland Software City project and has considerable experience of facilitating and engaging in collaborative R&D with SMEs.

Helen Middleton is a Research Fellow in Human Factors.  Her field of expertise is driving behaviour, visual search, and relevant implications for driver training methodologies and automotive design.  She has over 17 publications in journals and conferences and has been involved with several high profile collaborative projects including Tele-Assess, DrEAM and AGILE. She is a lecturer at both Undergraduate and Post Graduate level, is currently involved in the submission of several EU funding submissions in the field of low carbon vehicles and cycling, and has been involved with commercial projects delivering driver training.  In particular, she sits on the National Strategic Development Board for Referral Courses.

Adrian Morris is the Operations Manager of AMAP. He has considerable experience in LCV projects, recently having successfully completed EcoTrans with follow up funding likely.  His various LCV research interests include user acceptance of LCV. He has considerable track record in identifying, applying for and gaining funding from a wide range of funders, including regional and European funding.

Marc Hall is a researcher in the School of Computing and Technology. He has over 10 publications in user experience and interaction design. He is a 3ds max expert, with particular competence in developing digital assets for inclusion in user interfaces, having been the lead designer for the ORIENT application in the eCIRCUS project. He has worked with Lancashire County Council creating assets for its driver training programme.

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